Release Friday - Make a Change

Hi folks,

Well, here we are with the final piece of the puzzle. Make a Change.

As a 19 year old I attended a talk about by the The Hoffman Institute about the 'Hoffman Process.' A couple of days later, my Canadian Seagull guitar "Kerry," 2 chords, and a home made stomp box saw me bring these words to life.

It seems a lifetime ago now, but this song has followed me around the world, on and off stages, and helped me through darker moments. Thank you to the beautiful people I've had the opportunity to work with while moulding and recording this song.

Stefano Magini on drums, Ronald Maas on bass, keys and backing vocals, Valerio Lysander for Backing vocals, Rich Williams on electric guitar, Adam P. Gorman at Pinhole Sound Studio for mixing and Alexander van der Linden for artwork.

And to the musicians there at the beginning, singing and performing alongside me, who kept the dream alive. Tim Newton-Hatch, Kevin Suierveld, Chris mallory, Kim Sheehy and Nyssa Berger - Thank you.

See you soon, J x