Puzzle Pieces

It seems not so long ago that we were in the studio recording our first single together back in January this year (on the 26th to be exact!). A lot has happened in the mean time!

You may remember our debut track, 'Dreamer', hit the radio waves in April, and since then we have released another two singles, ('Wake Up' and 'Make A Change'), toured in Germany and Holland, and started working on an EP!

We teamed up with designer Alexander Van der Linden early this year when making plans for the 2016 releases. Weather you have followed us throughout the year, or joined us along the way, you may have noticed that each single cover has similar themes; now that single No.3 is out, you can finally join the puzzle pieces, complete the image!

A big thanks to Alexander Van der Linden for this innovative design!

Groovy vibes,