Deutschland/Nederland Tour

We head off tomorrow to Germany and then Holland!

Ron, Theo and I are excited to share our music with you, and we'll put some news up about our travels very soon. But first thing's first - Deutschland here we come!



The Countdown Begins!

In two weeks our merry band of three will hit the road on our first tour together!

We are excited to be playing 2 shows in Germany and 2 in Holland, and are preparing for what is sure to be an EPIC week! This tour map will give you a rough visual of the ammount of ground we will cover over 5 days! - See you soon folks!



UnZined Review

We are currently featured in Little Indie Night's Music Blog, UnZined. Thanks to Mal Keenan for the write up! Click here for the full review.



Hot of The Press!

Ron, Theo and I got a review of the single in a Belgian online magazine!
Thank you, Albert Dubbeldam from Dansende Beren! Click here to read the full review!