In the Pipe Line

Hey folks!

So, it has been a month since we finished up the tour, and although we won't be abroad again for a little while yet, last week, Ron and I spent the day putting down some tracks and working on plans for the next few months. We are looking forward to sharing them with you very soon!

In the meantime, if you are in London, check out the shows page to see where we're playing next, or alternatively, check out this video of Own It, filmed by Carlos Torres at The Troubadour.

Groovy vibes,

J xo



Paper Plane

Well folks, it has already been two weeks since we arrived back home from our jam-packed tour abroad! Time flies!

We have had time to reflect on the shows and so many groovy experiences we had along the way, and are now planning some exciting things for the second half of the year.

For now, I wanted to share a tour moment with you. Ron managed to film me opening our second set in Alsmeer, so here is a clip from our final show in The Netherlands; a song called Paper Plane.

Groovy vibes,




A Snap-Shot From Abroad

A week ago, JAYA was driving through Europe, playing music, meeting people and sharing what we have summed up as an 'Epic experience'!

Crossing 5 countries, performing 4 shows and driving some 1700 miles, it was a jam-packed 5 days abroad! Here is a short video we put together to share our tour experience with you.

Groovy vibes, Jaya, Ron and Theo



Deutschland/Nederland Tour

We head off tomorrow to Germany and then Holland!

Ron, Theo and I are excited to share our music with you, and we'll put some news up about our travels very soon. But first thing's first - Deutschland here we come!