Album Launch Gig Update

Folks, amidst news of the new lockdown we sadly have to announce that the show scheduled for November 19 at the Bedford in Balham has now been cancelled.

When we have another show in the diary, you will be the first to know!

See you back here in a couple of weeks for the unveiling of the full album. Till then, happy vibes and stay safe,

Jaya x



Release Friday - Run With It

Good morning folks and happy Friday 🙂

It seems to me that we each make choices, walk our own path and face challenges along the way. At times, hind-sight can be a double edged sword; so I like to remind myself to accept what is, and run with it. This song is that reminder. 🙏

Thank you: Ronald Maas, Stefano Magini, Harry Fausing Smith, and Dan Wiebe for musical contributions. Adam P. Gorman at Pinhole Sound Studio for mixing and Alexander van der Linden for artwork.

Have a beautiful weekend,
Jaya x



Release Friday - Annabelle

If the feeling of being loved had a name, I imagine it would be something pretty, so I chose to name this song, 'Annabelle'.

Here's to these fine folks for musical and artistic contributions: Ronald Maas on Bass, Pianet and Backing vocals, Stefano Magini on drums and Harry Fausing Smith on Mandolin and Violin. Adam P. Gorman at Pinhole Sound Studio for mixing, and Alexander van der Linden for artwork ❤️

Have a great weekend and see you soon,
Happy listening folks!
Jaya x



Release Friday - Can't Find Peace

We take a different turn on the album path here. We teamed up with Dutch producer, Kevin Suierveld to create a track with a more electronic and ambient feel. What do you think of this one?

Thanks to Ronald Maas on backing vocals, bass, Hohner Pianet, piano, Stefano Magini on drums and Kevin Suierveld for synths, post-production and mixing.

Stay safe folks, more to come very soon,